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Every year since 2017, The FBomb Breakfast Club has hosted a one of a kind, wildly supportive annual business pitch competition. From the beginning, Pitches 2 Bitches was about finding the FBomber with the most promising new business idea and showering her with infinite love and practical support. It turns out, we’re pretty good at spotting promising ideas. Each P2B winner went on to do great things. And nearly every one of them said that the struggle to get her hands on capital in those early days, before proof points and traction, posed an existential threat to her new business.


We looked at each other and realized – the money is in the room.


We piloted the first cohort of FBomb Angels to coincide with P2B6 and repeated it with P2B7. We sought women from within our existing FBomb community who meet the SEC’s financial qualifications of an accredited investor and were looking to write their first or next check to an early stage company. Each cohort played an active role in P2B by choosing the finalists, providing coaching, and then after the audience selected the winner, deliberating and offering an investment deal to one of the finalists.  We’ve made two great investments together so far.


And we’re ready for more. 


We’ve spun FBomb Angels out from under The FBomb Breakfast Club to focus on building community and content geared toward getting more women involved in early stage investing and getting more capital into the hands of more women with killer business ideas. While separate entities, FBomb Angels and The FBomb Breakfast Club have joyfully committed to continued collaboration on Pitches 2 Bitches, and long-term co-conspiracy.


Thinking about writing your first check this year? Looking for more women to co-invest with? Get on the list. We can’t wait to meet you.

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